In-person and virutal events and podcasts where I've spoken.

I'm up for speaking on topics ranging from Christmas to Anglo-Christianity, to all things growth and marketing.

Where to hear me

'Tis the podcast makers on Christmas controversies!

Afternoons with Jessie, Radio New Zeland

December the 25th isn't a date on the calendar, it's a way of life for three super Christmas nerds who jingle their bells year-round. On this episode, they talk through Christmas controversies.

Batman and DC Comics pt 1

Totally Rad Christmas

Thom Crowe joins Gerry D on Totally Rad Christmas to for the first part in a series all about DC Comics and most especially Batman! "Merry Christmas...and a Deadly New Year!,""Wanted: Santa Claus--Dead or Alive!", "The Mystery of Christmas Lost!", "Who's Afraid of the Big Red S?", and more!!

The Smurfs’ Christmas Special

Advent Calendar House

It’s Christmas Eve in the Advent Calendar House as we walk through a ring of fire back to 1982 to dance with the Smurfs and watch goodness make the badness go away.

Developer Marketing 101 with Thom Crowe

Hop Online

Meet Thom Crowe, Director of Growth Acquisition at Vercel – a platform for frontend frameworks and static sites. In this episode, Thom gets into the fundamentals of developer marketing, how organic can guide paid acquisition targeting, and responding to need versus creating it

How to Use Time Series Data to Measure Anything

In this presentation, Thom Crowe, Community Manager, and Daniella Pontes, Senior Marketing Product Manager at InfluxData, will detail how to use time-series data to measure everything and anything that you are responsible for—from your infrastructure, your apps, and physical things like sensors. Time series data helps you understand the change over time which is fundamental to making things perform optimally.

Offline First as a Social Movement

The New Builders Podcast

This week, Teri Chadborne joins to Thom introduce Offline Camp, a gathering of people who come together to focus on developing with an Offline First mentality before jumping into a great discussion.